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Q. What is AWMN?

A. AWMN is one of the largest, aggresively expanding and evolving Open and Free WiFi networks on the world as of today, located at Athens, Greece.

Q. Why join the awmn?

A. Because it's the future. It's based like the Open Source movement on public and free resources that everyone is welcomed to provide and share.

Q. Isn't this model doomed to fail since there is no actual revenue for the network?

A. Actually no. The network will create the need for value added services. That's where the revenue will come from, not the network itself.

Any model in order to be successful needs to keep the balances at right levels. That's what nature used to do for millions of years until humans recently started irreversibly destroying this balance, a paradox since they will be doomed without this balance.

Q. How many people work for OZOnet project?

A. Quite a few embeded in one person.

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